Where Magic and Dragons are Real

Welcome to the website of Lori Saltis, author of the Dragons of the Crossroads series, an urban fantasy set in San Francisco.

Dragons of the Crossroads brings together the lush martial fantasy of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the gritty urban reality of Peaky Blinders. Warriors use ancient, supernatural abilities to fight for survival in the modern world. Murder and vengeance bring Penny and Lennon together as allies. They are the human descendants of dragons, but are they becoming something more?

FAKEFOLLY, and SCION are available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.
Fake_WP   folly_WP   Scion_WP

Read the prequel novella HIDDEN for FREE!

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3 thoughts on “Where Magic and Dragons are Real

  1. I just read both Fake and Folly in 24 hours time. I seriously want to read the next book and find out what happens. It is driving me insane, and the really bad part about it is that this is not my usual type of book.

  2. Just received your email showing book #3 Scion of the Crossroads series coming out soon, Oh my gosh I’ve been waiting on this book as I just love this series. Thank you

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