The Dragons of the Crossroads Series by Lori Saltis

FakeWP_imageBelow the radar and above the law, that’s the way of life on the Crossroads, a secret society of warriors, wanderers, beggars, and assassins. Opposing clans fight for supremacy, some with martial prowess and others with supernatural abilities. Penny Sparrow is an outcast, shunned for her parents’ deeds. Lennon Lau was born to rule, but murder and deceit put him on a quest for vengeance. Their enemies are powerful and the truth of what happened to their families could tear them apart. Meanwhile, a dragon with his own agenda watches over them all. When his plan is revealed, it will change everything.

FAKEFOLLY, SCIONand HIDDEN are available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

Read Fake Chapter 1 Now
Read Fake Chapter 2 Now

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