Big smile. Just finished putting together this website, as such. Looks good, I think, for something based off a default template. After some tweaking, I managed to fix the problem I was having with the tables. Yeah, tables. I tried monkeying with the template’s style sheet, but I couldn’t make it budge. HTML to the rescue!

I checked the site in Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Safari. Good to go!

In the middle of it all, I got this idea for a short story. I had to stop and write it down so I wouldn’t forget. That’s a funny thing about creativity, at least for me. If I veg out, my mind goes blank. If I start working on one project, and get enthusiastic about it, more ideas start hopping around in my brain, demanding attention. However, if I’m working on a project and have little or no enthusiasm, it’s like wading through peanut butter. I’d rather drop everything and watch TV.

Speaking of which, anyone else watch “Once Upon a Time” last night? Love that show.

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