Kindle Freebies – May 10, 2012

Today I Loaded My Kindle With…

There are a number of websites and blogs (including this one) that list eBook bargains and freebies. However, you’re not going to always find something you like from someone else’s list. Another alternative is to go to the source, Amazon. Though this takes a little extra effort, this is something I recommend for those with Kindle readers and apps. Simply go to Kindle eBooks, look in the right column and you’ll see Best Sellers: Kindle Store : Kindle Books. Click on the Top 100 Free tab. Freebies galore! These are updated hourly, so the list is constantly changing.

Here’s what I grabbed today.

Recipe Books

Our Quirky Pot Luck Recipes
We’re a diverse group of friends and coworkers with a mission: a Holiday Potluck to celebrate the season and share in some friendly competition. With a small budget, a few hours of preparation, and some late-night cooking, we put together a down-sized Top Chef potluck competition — save for the fame, sweating and nervous breakdowns. As potlucks were created in the nature of giving, it seems only right to want to share our recipes — and some tips on setting up the event — with fellow food lovers.

Southern Gourmet – Luxurious Gourmet Recipes from the South
When people think of Southern cooking, they don’t think gourmet, but it’s the very essence of gourmet food, nonetheless. We start with fresh ingredients, and we mix them in surprising ways. We mix sweet, savory, hot, and sour with abandon, creating a menu that is fabulously varied. Some of these dishes have roots all the way back to our ancestors who immigrated to this country, and there’s a fine mix of nationalities represented right on our dinner tables. I have – like all good cooks – tweaked and twisted the recipes to suit myself, and I think you’ll like the results. You’ll find desserts, starters, breakfasts, side dishes, and meats in this cookbook, and they’re all delicious.


‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy
(From Publishers Weekly) For wisecracking single mother/professional assassin Gin Bombay, who comes from a line of career killers stretching back to ancient Greece, an invitation to the family reunion brings problems that go well beyond Aunt Jean’s unappetizing potato salad. For starters, reunion business will include the mandatory blood initiation of Gin’s five-year-old daughter, cementing her to the family business; on top of that, Gin’s been assigned to eliminate a spy within the family, who may be her beloved younger brother. Things only get worse when she finds out that one of her marks is a client of her brand new boyfriend, a hunky Australian bodyguard.

Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales: A Story of Addiction
Leaving behind a nightmarish college experience, nineteen-year-old Nicole and her best friend Eric escape their home of Bangor, Maine to start a new life in Boston. Fragile and scared, Nicole desperately seeks a new beginning to help erase her past. But there is something besides freedom waiting for her in the shadows–a drug that will make every day a nightmare. Heroin. With one taste, the love that once flowed through Nicole’s veins turns into cravings. Tracks mark the passing of time, and heroin’s grip gets tighter. It holds her hand through deaths and prostitution, but her addiction keeps her in the darkness. When her family tries to strike a match to help light her way, Nicole must choose between a life she can hardly remember, or a love for heroin she’ll never forget.

Born a bastard and a slave, Hestia has a gift: the power to read people’s hearts. And yet, the secrets of her own heart remain a mystery. Hestia’s keen intellect makes her a match for any man. But even a literate slave has little control over destiny. Sold to a prominent statesman with sadistic tendencies, Hestia becomes his hetaera (consort). As her wealth and fame increase so does her despair. She dreams of freedom, but she faces enemies at every turn. When Hestia is accused of murder, the mystery of her past unravels and fate takes another turn.


Sliding on the Snow Stone
It is astonishing that anyone lived this story. It is even more astonishing that anyone survived it. Stefan grows up in the grip of a raging famine. Stalin’s Five Year Plan brings genocide to Ukraine – millions of people starve to death. To free themselves from the daily terrors of Soviet rule, Stefan and his friends fight imaginary battles in nearby woods to defend their land. The games they play are their only escape. ‘Sliding on the Snow Stone’ is the true story of Stefan’s extraordinary journey across a landscape of hunger, fear and devastating loss. With Europe on the brink of World War Two, Stefan and his family pray they’ll survive in their uncertain world. They long to be free.

How I are Becomed a Very Much Gooder Author
How I are Becomed a Very Much Gooder Author marries the ideologies of excellence in publishing and excellence in the craft of writing, assuming that they are interconnected. No matter where you are in your writing journey, this book will have something of more value to you than the cover price!

Descriptions provided by Amazon

These freebies are limited time offers, so there is no guarantee any of these books will still be free when you click on the links. Grab them sooner rather than later.

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