Kindle Freebies – May 17, 2012

Today I Loaded My Kindle With…

Gourmet popcorn! Yummers! My idea of gourmet popcorn has been sprinkling on some Parmesan cheese. A recipe book is most welcome. I also grabbed a book on cake recipes from scratch. I know cake isn’t healthy, but it must be better for you when made by scratch rather than from a box. And since I’m in a baking mood, I also grabbed a home baking glossary.

Anyone reading this blog may have noticed I have a strong preference for genre fiction, particularly fantasy, mystery, suspense and horror. Which isn’t to say I don’t occasionally like a bit of science fiction, romance and even literary fiction. Today, though, I’m in my happy place with a few fantasy novels, two by the same author, and a couple of short stories with covers that seriously creeped me out. To finish off, since I’m planning a road trip later in the summer, I grabbed a road trip travel guide.

Recipe Books

30 Perfect Popcorn Recipes : How to Make Sweet & Savory Gourmet Popcorn at Home by Lori Jane Stewart
I’ve gathered 30 of the finest popcorn recipes from around the world for your snacking pleasure, and have tried to keep them free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives or other nasty additives wherever possible. I’ve specified 9 cups of popped corn for most recipes, as that gives 3 generous cups per serving – you can have as many or as few servings as you fancy, but keep an eye on the calories! For your convenience, I’ve also included nutritional data from the USDA for each recipe (that’s the U.S. Department of Agriculture and not the United Square Dancers of America!) My preference for both flavor and health reasons, is freshly air-popped popcorn – so I have used that kind for all of these recipes. Everything in this book can be made with kernels you have freshly popped, or if you are in a hurry (or feeling lazy!), then you can always use the plain store bought pre-popped variety – just make sure you check the packaging for artificial nasties!

30 Delicious Cake Recipes From Scratch by Joan Johnson
Joan Johnson, and international best-selling cookbook author, has come up with another cookbook – this time it’s delicious cake recipes! All the cakes in the this book are MADE FROM SCRATCH, no boxed cake mix used here! There are cake recipes for all occasions, so you won’t be disappointed with the options you have. There is also a short introduction, along with some tips for baking cakes!

The Home Baking Glossary of Terms (In the Pantry Baking Standards) by Joyce Middleton
Have you ever read a new recipe and then been stuck wondering what something meant? Or maybe you’re dying to bake something, but you don’t have the right pan. Best-Selling Author Joyce Middleton brings you a glossary of common baking terms for the novice baker.


Talion by Mary Maddox
Two victims. One sociopath. Lots of terror. Fifteen-year-old Lisa Duncan has attracted the interest of serial killer Conrad (Rad) Sanders. At an isolated resort in Utah, he watches as vivacious Lisa begins an unlikely friendship with another teenager, Lu Jakes, the strange and introverted daughter of employees at the resort. Lu enters Rad’s fantasies as well. He learns Lu is being abused by her stepmother and toys with the notion of freeing her from her sad life and keeping her awhile as his captive. Lu seems like an easy conquest who could be persuaded to act out his fantasy by killing her new friend. But Lu has an ally with powers beyond Rad’s imagination.

Sleepers (The Swarm Trilogy, Book 1) by Megg Jensen
An adoptee raised in a foreign land, sixteen-year-old Lianne was content with her life as handmaiden to the queen, until a spell cast on her at birth activated. Now she’s filled with uncontrollable rage and access to magic she thought had been bled from her people years ago. Even her years of secret training in elite hand-to-hand combat and meditation can’t calm the fires raging inside her. Her heart is torn between two boys, the one she’s always loved and the one who always ignored her. But when the kingdom threatens to tear itself apart due to rumors surrounding the queen’s alleged affair, who will Lianne protect and who will she destroy?

Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy, Book 1) by Megg Jensen
Sheltered from the outside world with no hope for escape, slave girl Reychel dreads her fifteenth birthday – when her master’s symbol is burned on the back of her bald scalp. Her best friend disappears the night before, leaving her to face the branding ceremony alone. She soon discovers nothing is as it seems when people desperate for freedom beg for Reychel’s help. Can Reychel learn to believe in herself?

The Doll by J.C. Martin
The Island of the Dolls is a strange and eerie tourist destination in Mexico, where hundreds of decomposing dolls hang from trees like grisly Christmas ornaments. On a trip to the island, Joyce Parker’s daughter falls in love with a beautiful but sinister doll. Soon after, she starts developing strange mannerisms that concerns Joyce. Her research into the doll’s past reveals a dark history, and the curse of a lonely child spirit.

An Embarrassing Odour by Andrew Biss
Ethel, a frail, widowed pensioner, sits down one evening to tackle her daily crossword puzzle, when suddenly her tranquil world is turned upside down as a burglar breaks into her home believing it to be unoccupied. While Ethel vainly attempts to forge a relationship with the violent delinquent before her, his concerns lie only in getting his hands on her valuables…that and the unpleasant smell that fills the room. As Ethel shamefully admits, it’s an embarrassing odour for a seventy-eight year old to have, but what her intruder doesn’t know is quite why…though he’s about to find out!


5 of the USA’s Best Trips by Lonely Planet
This book describes five short road trips (the between about 150 miles long and 400 miles long), each with a different theme and in a different region of the USA. There’s one trip in New England (fall foliage and local foods), one in the Southeast, one in California, one in the Midwest (cheese and beer themed, my personal favorite) and one in the Pacific Northwest (a trip on Amtrak, for folks who want to go on a road trip but leave the car behind.) Each trip has a complete itinerary that includes tips for where to find the best meals, lodging and attractions on your route. (Description provided by Amazon review T. Boone)

Descriptions provided by Amazon

I found these books via Amazon’s Kindle eBooks store. Resources for free Kindle and other format eBooks are listed in the sidebar.

These freebies are limited time offers, so there is no guarantee any of these books will still be free when you click on the links. Grab them sooner rather than later.

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