Theodore Roosevelt, Vampire Slayer and Other Historical Fiction

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I haven’t read any of the popular zombie and vampire mashups. No reason, other than I just haven’t gotten around to them. I may be more inspired after I read this novella, “Theodore Roosevelt: Vampire Slayer – Part One.” TR happens to be one of my favorite presidents and has the badass cred to actually be a vampire hunter.

For some reason, Irish-themed books have been popping up in the freebies and I happily picked up a highly-rated novel about Ireland at the turn of the 19th century. I adore good intrigue set in glittering, decadent cities, so I also grabbed a historical mystery with a castrato protagonist, set in 18th century Vienna.

Good haul for a hump day!

  Theodore Roosevelt: Vampire Slayer – Part One by James Fortescue
We all know Theodore Roosevelt the great president and conservationist. We also know him as an intrepid hunter in the wilds of Maine, North Dakota, Africa and other outposts. Here however, from the pen of a distant cousin of TR, we learn the secret history behind the greatest of his hunts – hunts for vampires.

  Tread Softly On My Dreams by Gretta Curran Browne
The Emmets were Protestants, belonging to the elite society of Ireland’s ruling class. Born in 1778, Robert Emmet was the gentle and diffident youngest son of the State Physician of Ireland, growing up in the heart of a prosperous and loving family, one of the most respected in Dublin city. From his parents ge acquired a deep love of Ireland and a commitment to justice. From his brother Thomas he acquired an understanding of the divisions and inequalities of his country. Set against the background of the beauty of Ireland, the dark clouds of its past, as well as the humour and dreams of its people, this is a passionate and powerful true story of three young people, Robert Emmet, Anne Devlin, and Sarah Curran, drawn together in love, in hope, and tragedy.

  Interrupted Aria by Beverle Graves Myers
Venice, 1731. Opera is the popular entertainment of the day and the castrati are its reigning divas. Tito Amato, mutilated as a boy to preserve his enchanting soprano voice, returns to the city of his birth with his friend Felice, a castrato whose voice has failed. Disaster strikes Tito’s opera premier when the singer loses one beloved friend to poison and another to unjust accusation and arrest. Alarmed that the merchant-aristocrat who owns the theater is pressing the authorities to close the case, Tito races the executioner to find the real killer. The possible suspects could people the cast of one of his operas: a libertine nobleman and his spurned wife, a jealous soprano, an ambitious composer, and a patrician family bent on the theater’s ruin.

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