Global James Bond Day

Shaken, Not Stirred

Today is Global James Bond Day, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the premiere of “Dr. No,” the first of the dapper British spy’s 23 movies.

If you are a Bond fan or just enjoy the spy/thriller genre, you can participate in a number of ways:

Adele’s latest single is the title track to the movie and, no surprise, debuted today.

If you’re a Kindle owner or app user, Amazon has something for you. Today only, October 5, 2012, you can pre-order new editions of Ian Fleming’s series for $7.00 each. The regular price is $9.99 and the books will be delivered to your Kindle on October 16. It’s a nice discount and the new editions have cool new covers with a graphic, retro appeal.

Want to celebrate by watching a 007 flick tonight? Netflix and Amazon Prime have many of the films available for streaming.

If this puts you in the mood for a novel in the spy genre, you can find free reads for the Kindle and Kindle app on Amazon in the category Spy Stories & Tales of Intrigue.

Enjoy a suspenseful weekend!

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