Harper Voyager Submission Deadline Extended

I just checked and the Harper Voyage submission form remains active as of 8:45 a.m. MDT (I live in Colorado, if that helps.) The Harper Voyager website posted this message:

We apologize for the early closing of the form. Technology error! We have now re-opened it and extended the period until this time tomorrow, October 15th.

There was no time stamp on the message, so I can’t say how much longer the portal will remain open. Here are the links:

I’m certain the staff at Harper Voyager feel bad about the confusion and they have done their best to rectify the situation. From what I can tell in the forums, they spent the weekend at New York’s ComicCon, which must have been crazy crowded and they had to have been crazy busy.

Harper Voyager has provided a great opportunity for unpublished writers. If you want to show them a little love, think about buying one or more of their books. Don’t have a lot of cash? You know you’ve come to the right place. Harper Voyager is offering two new eShorts by bestselling authors and the prices are nice.

“Pet Shop Boys ” by Kim Harrison costs $0.89. “The Asylum Interviews – Trixie” by Jocelynn Drake costs $1.99. Both are approximately 100 pages in length. Electronic copies are available on Amazon, B&N and iTunes. You can find both books here.

Good luck to everyone who submitted a manuscript to Harper Voyager. I’d love to hear back from anyone who gets accepted.

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