Harper Voyager Submission Update

In September 2012, I wrote about the big news that Harper Voyager, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of HarperCollins, would be accepting unsolicited manuscripts from October 1 through October 14. Novels that made the grade would be published in digital format.

At the time, the guidelines stated that writers who hadn’t received a response by January 15, 2013, would not be hearing from them as their manuscripts had been rejected.

This policy has been updated and changed! From the Harper Voyager website:

We had originally set a January 15, 2013 deadline for responses to potential projects. We’re reading as quickly as we can–and in fact have our eyes on a few submissions already–but we will not make the 1/15/13 response date . And we do not want to keep you hanging if we have read it and it is not right for us.

So, we are changing our policy and will indeed be responding to each and every submission. The first wave of responses will go out in January.

If you do not hear anything via email, your submission is still being considered, and is still in consideration until you receive a response. We will also do an update in mid January to let you know how far along we are in the process.

You can read the entire post here: Digital submission update.

So, if you submitted your manuscript back in October, don’t give up hope! Keeping my fingers crossed…

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