12 Points To…

Some of you might remember last May when I decided to check out Eurovision, became a fangirl and burbled on about it through the entire month and a little beyond.

Others of you may wonder, what the heck is Eurovision?

Eurovision is an annual international song contest. About 40 or so nations send their chosen artists to perform in an internationally televised event. Viewers, along with a professional jury, decide on the winner. The catch, and it’s one I truly love, is that you can’t vote for your own country.

This year, rather than take up space in this blog, which is more about reading and writing, I decided to start a new blog. It’s called 12 Points To… 12 points being the highest score a performer can earn from each nation.

If you’re already into Eurovision or want to learn more, you might want to check it out. Currently, the participating countries are choosing their performers. Some countries do this through televised contests that can be very exciting. In other countries, the broadcasters decide which artists to send. The performers can be either amateurs or professionals.  In my blog, I’m taking a first look at the chosen participants.

In my Lori Writer menu, I’ve replaced my poor, neglected Tumblr, 6 Words, with 12 Points To… This will take you to my Eurovision website. Enjoy!

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