Eurovision 2015 – Denmark

If you like ’60s music, overnight success stories, and boy bands that play their own instruments, you are going to love Denmark’s 2015 Eurovision entry. Anti Social Media won the national selection with their song, The Way You Are.

These Beatles-loving lads had been together as a band for only three month before Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, which makes their win all the more amazing. Are they worthy of this success? Let’s check them out.

I do have a weakness for ’60s British Invasion bands. I love the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, etc. Anti Social Media have a Merseybeat sound that I find very appealing. They’re cheerful, up-tempo, stylish and fun. In the midst of a sea of ballads, The Way You Are could come as a refreshing change of pace during the competition.

However, they might come across as too retro and the competition does favor soloists and duets over bands. Because of this, I’m not feeling confident they’ll even make it to the final, though I hope otherwise. All they need is love!

Love to you, Anti Social Media, from across the pond.

Find out more about Anti Social Media here.

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