Eurovision 2015 – Belarus

Uzari and Maimuna are a duet with a difference. Uzari sings and Maimuna plays the violin, but doesn’t sing. They won their national competition and will represent Belarus on the Eurovision stage with their song Time.

Here is the official video, which is a bit silly, but has good sound quality.

I also found this live video. The sound quality isn’t so great, but it’s a good way to judge their performance capabilities.

They are an attractive pair of accomplished performers. Uzari has a strong voice with a plaintive tone. Maimuna has mad skillz on the violin. The song, though, it’s kind of typical. The only standout is the front and center violin, and the fact that it’s being played by a lovely woman.

Time isn’t a bad song and I have a feeling it will grow on me. If Uzari and Maimuna can push the envelope and deliver a knock out performance, they could make it into the final show.

Best wishes to them!

You can find out more about Uzari and Maimuna here.

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