Eurovision 2015 – Israel

So far, with the exception of Finland, all the songs I’ve reviewed have been some kind of ballad. I love a good ballad. Who doesn’t? After awhile, though, they all start sounding the same. In a competition where people will be listening to 16 songs in a row, you gotta stand out.

Which brings me to Israel. Since I became obsessed began enjoying Eurovision in 2012, Israel has sent some decent ballads to the arena. Nothing noteworthy. I honestly can’t remember any of them. 2015’s contestant is Nadav Guedj, whose win in The Rising Star gave him the right to wave the Israeli flag in Vienna with his song Golden Boy. Is this 16-year-old a breath of fresh air or the same old thing?

So. Fresh. Yaaas. So much fun! Finally, something danceable that will get people out of their seats.  I love how Golden Boy mixes a hip-hop sound with a Middle Eastern beat. Nadav Guedj has a great R&B voice and his youthful exuberance is infectious.

Also to love: that he manages to throw in the name of his city, Tel Aviv, and his words at the very end, “Okay, we gotta go, three minutes. Bye-bye.” Lol! Cheesy but in the good way.

This darn well better make it into the finale! Kisses and best wishes from the USA.

You can find out more about Nadav Guedj here.

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