Eurovision 2015 – Italy

Grazie mille Il Volo for singing in Italian.

Of all the other countries I have reviewed so far, only Finland’s Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät have sung in their native tongue. It was starting to feel like Anglovision instead of Eurovision. Really, I get it. I know that performers who sing in in English are more likely to win. English is currently the universal language. It is my first and only language. But part of what I love about Eurovision is its international flavor. The contest starts losing that flavor when it’s all in one tongue.

I’ll be doing another post about 2015 being Balladvision.

This post is about Italy and their artists, Il Volo, who won the national competition with their song Grande Amore. The official video is a silly bit of business with movie references. Their winning performance at Festival di Sanremo is amazing and must be seen!

Wowza! Now that’s how to make a ballad memorable: three handsome men with operatic voices and power pop chops. What a terrific performance and great song. No wonder they won Festival di Sanremo. This live performance is far superior to the official video; it’s a shame they didn’t use it. Plus, dat wink at about 2:37! Swoon.

One small problem is the song in both videos is too long. They’re going to have to trim almost a minute off to make it work. I don’t think that will be a big problem.

I’m calling top three on Il Volo and Grande Amore. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Eurovision makes its home in Italy next year. Bravo bravo!

You can find out more about Il Volo here.

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