Eurovision 2015 – Montenegro and Romania

As I’ve stated before, this year’s Eurovision contest has too many ballads. It also has too many songs in English: 33 out of 40, which is ridiculous considering English is the native tongue of only three participating countries (England, Ireland and Australia.)

For that reason, I want to give love to the seven hold-outs who stand firm and sing in their native tongue. You are the rock stars of Eurovision and I hope you all do well, in the contest and in the future.

Five of these countries are singing standard ballads. Yesterday, I reviewed the female singers: France, Portugal and Spain. Today, I’m focusing on the men: Montenegro and Romania. Note: I’ve already reviewed the other two countries: Finland (punk rock) and Italy (pop opera.)

Knez was chosen by internal selection to represent Montenegro with his song Adio (Farewell.)

I love the violins and the ethnic flavor of this song. Knez has a really nice, smooth voice. For me, though, he has big shoes to fill. Last year, Sergej Ćetković and his song Moj Svijet had my 12 points. Don’t get me wrong! I loved Conchita, but this was my favorite song of Eurovision 2014. I don’t think Knez quite fills those shoes. Not the same amount of power in his voice and Adio isn’t as  much of a standout as Moj Svijet. I do love how both videos show the natural beauty of Montenegro. So proud of their country. I love it!

Voltaj were chosen by national selection to fly the Romanian flag in Vienna with their song De la Capăt (All Over Again.)

I’m all about social justice, so I’m very inclined to like this song about the plight of Romanian children whose parents were forced to leave their country to seek employment. It’s a sad plight of Romania and much of the world. Those of us fortunate enough to live in prosperous nations need to consider the welfare of our fellow humans and their struggles to make ends meet and provide for their families. So, well done, Voltaj! The song itself is lovely and melancholy with a nice ethnic flavor. It’s a good song, but not a standout, except that they’re singing in Romanian with a bit of English thrown in.

Which brings me to what I think is a great compromise I wish more countries would have done this year. Sing in the native tongue and throw in some English, maybe every other chorus or something like that. I know that English language songs are more likely to win. People like to understand what they’re listening to. Compromise is so much better than an Anglo contest.

I don’t see either Montenegro or Romania winning or even making it into the top 10. I will be sorely disappointed if they don’t make the finale. Kisses and best wishes from the United States!

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