Eurovision 2016 – Germany

If you like Japanese street fashion and pop ballads, you’re going to love Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. She will represent Germany in Stockholm after winning the Unser Lied für Stockholm competition last night in Cologne. The viewing public cast all the votes, with no professional jury involved.

Fun facts about Jamie-Lee:

  • She is also the winner of The Voice of Germany 2015. 
  • She loves the Korean boy band Block B.
  • She embraces decora kei as her personal style. This is a subset of Japanese street fashion that involves bright and/or pastel colors, puffy skirts, and lots of layered on decorative bits.
  • She’s 17-years-old

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz is young and fun, and everyone likes that. But can she sing? And is her song, Ghost, worthy of a Eurovision win? Let’s check her out.

[EDIT] It seems the video I originally shared has been removed from YouTube. Don’t know why. I can’t find another performance video to imbed, but here’s a link to her performance. 

Hmm. Interesting. She’s adorable in terms of looks. Nice voice, but she struggled a bit on some of the more difficult notes. I wasn’t impressed with the song until I listened to it a second time. Then I realized what it reminded me of. I went into the settings and changed the speed to 1.5. Guess what? It sounds like one of those songs you hear at the end of an anime. Try it for yourself. It’s fun!

Given her personal tastes, I’m going to assume this is intentional. I also played the song at 1.25 speed and found I liked it better. I think if she picks up the tempo and works on those difficult notes, she could have something here.

No points from me yet, but I’ll be interested to see how this song and artist evolve. Best wishes and kisses to Jamie-Lee Kriewitz and Germany!

You can read more about Jamie-Lee Kriewitz here.

Eurovision 2016 will be held 10, 12 and 14 May in Stockholm, Sweden. You can watch the entire contest live on

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