Eurovision 2015 – Latvia

I’ll start out by saying I’m already a big fan. Aminata is gorgeous and hugely talented. She won Latvia’s national competition with a song of her own composition, Love Injected.

Wowza! I love the way her smooth jazz style that flows effortlessly into her dramatic diva moments. This is so good and so different; it makes me a little afraid. Is it too different? I even wondered if she should have gone with an EDM version instead to make it more accessible.

I did a quick search and came up with a sanctioned dance mix of Love Injected. It’s pretty cool, but it does nothing to elevate what is already a great song.

Latvia hasn’t done so well at Eurovision in recent years. It hasn’t made it out of the semi-finals since 2008. I really hope the voters see and hear how special Aminata is and give her and Love Injected a deserved place in the finale.

Love and kisses and wishful voting to Latvia!

You can find out more about Aminata here.