Eurovision 2015 – Australia

That’s right. Not Austria. Australia.

The Aussies are mad about Eurovision. The contest has been broadcast in Australia for 30 years to an ever increasing audience. In honor of this popularity, Eurovision invited Australia to compete in the 60th Anniversary show. They will compete only in the finale, not the semi-finals. This is a one-off opportunity, unless of course Australia wins.

Could happen. Or could it? The best way to judge is to check out the Australia’s official video. Guy Sebastian will be proudly waving the Aussie flag in Vienna with his song Tonight Again.

When this started, all I could think is, “Please, not another ballad.” It’s not! It’s a fun and upbeat R&B number that is so refreshing to the ears. It reminds me just a bit of Uptown Funk in that it makes you want to get up and move to a funky beat. Guy Sebastian has a soulful voice and is an accomplished performer.

Go Aussie! This is good stuff. I really enjoyed it. Is it a winner? Hmm. You know, with the right momentum, it could be. It’s certainly a strong dark horse contender. I would put money onĀ Tonight Again being in the top 10.

Well done, Australia. What a great debut! Kisses and best wishes from another non-EBU country!

You can find out more about Guy Sebastian here.