Eurovision 2015 – Moldova

Woo-hoo! Not a ballad! Right there, Moldova is already on my good side. Let’s see if they can stay on it. At least they’ll bring some variety to Balladvision… er… Eurovision 2015.

Eduard Romanyuta was chosen by national selection to wave Moldova’s flag in Vienna with his song I Want Your Love.

The official video is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like watching Justin Bieber have a Grand Theft Auto fantasy. Ugh. Plus, he sounds auto-tuned AF. So, I searched out his winning performance atĀ O Melodie Pentru Europa.

Ahem. Well. It’s definitely better than the official video in that he’s giving a decent performance. His voice isn’t great. As for the song, I Want Your Love is a ’90s boy band-esque pop confection. Eduard Romanyuta reminds me a bit of Norway’s 2012 performer, Tooji, except Tooji is a better singer and dancer.

Norway came in last in the 2012 finale. Just sayin’.

If this was another year, I don’t thinkĀ Eduard Romanyuta would have a chance to make it to the finale. However, amidst all the ballads, I Want Your Love sounds cheerful and infectious, and will get people moving. The new ‘do in the official video makes him look a lot cuter. He could pull this off. Best wishes to him, regardless.

You can find out more about Eduard Romanyuta here.