Eurovision 2015 – Finland

So, here’s the thing. I love it when differently-abled people kick ass, take names and basically say, screw you if we make you uncomfortable because we are here and we are bringing it like a boss!

Which is to say, I think Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) are pretty rad. This punk rock band won their national competition and will represent Finland for Eurovision 2015 in Vienna with their song Aina Mun Pitää (I Always Have To.)

Like many punk song, this is short, intense and high energy. Ends not with a mic drop but with a mic slam! Damn. That being said, as a song for this particular competition, it’s too short and too repetitive. I Always Have To is jarring and angry. In other words, it’s hardcore punk, not pop punk or something more commercial.

Hard rock certainly has its place at Eurovision. After all, Finland’s Lordi won in 2006, but Lordi’s song had a hook and was fun to sing along to. (“Hard. Rock. Hallelujah!”) Plus, Lordi had the theatrics the audience loves. PKN doesn’t have that going for them.

What PKN does have is rough-edged enthusiasm and honest grit. Is that enough to get them into the final performance? I don’t think so, but I hope so.

Best wishes PKN! You guys rock.

Find out more about Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät here.

Eurovision – Denmark and Finland

I’m finishing up with the Nordic entries here. In the interest of full disclosure, I lived in Denmark for a short while, so I have an inclination to wave the Danish flag, especially since I have one sitting (standing?) on my dresser. However, I’m going to watch all the entries before I make my final choices, regardless of emotional attachments.

That being said, the entry from Denmark is pretty good!

Soluna Samay has a great indie rock vibe along with an irresistibly fresh face. She’s also the only performer I’ve seen so far to play an instrument while she sings. The song is catchy and I found myself humming the tune after the video finished. I would say this song is fairly typical of the genre, but nothing wrong with that. Also, the hat was okay, but she needs to lose the epaulets.

Finland’s entry is particularly interesting because it is sung in Swedish, Finland’s second language.

This is a lovely ballad and Pernilla Karlsson is a lovely performer. The song has a bit of a Celtic sound and I always like that. I give her high marks for not singing in English. Since I’m new to the competition, I’m not sure how this affects the voting. I do like hearing people sing in their own language. I’m not so crazy about the woodland theme of the performance, i.e., I hope she wears a different dress for the competition.

Done with the Nordics! These are all strong entries. I would love having all these songs on my iPod. If I had to choose the one I liked the best, it would be Sweden’s Loreen and “Euphoria”.

How about you? Any favorites so far among the Nordics?

These videos are from the list of Eurovison 2012 contestants on YouTube.