Jim Butcher and the Great Swampy Middle

On the mend and way behind, that’s the best way to describe me right now. I’m trying to catch up on my big NaNoWriMo word count deficit.

This isn’t a blog post. More like a reblog. The Boulder region NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison (i.e., regional head volunteer), Nicole J. LeBoeuf, recently sent out a letter to our region that included some gems of advice on getting through the middle of the novel.

The best of those gems was a LiveJournal post by Jim Butcher. It’s funny and informative, and gives good, solid tools to navigate across that vast swamp that has sucked down many a hapless novelist. Read it! It’s that good. You can find it here:

The Great Swampy Middle

If you’re a writer, keep writing. If you’re a reader, keep reading. If you have a cold, have some chicken soup.