Eurovision 2015 – Cyprus Part 2

In my previous post, I said John Karayiannis of Cyprus has a nice song, but not strong enough to really stand out.

Then I found this:

This! Is awesome. Amazeballs. All the excitement the official entry lacks. I love it!

Yo, Giannis! This. Do this.

Eurovision 2015 – Cyprus

Cyprus is another country returning to the Eurovision fold after a 1-year hiatus, and we welcome them back!

As a Greek-American, I will always have some initial partiality for Cyprus and, of course, Greece. However, the song must inevitably earn my love. Will 2015’s entry do so? Let’s find out!

John Karayiannis (AKA Giannis Karagiannis) was chosen in the national competition to represent Cyprus with his song, One Thing I Should Have Done.

Okay, that was nice. A lovely ballad, a good voice, and a handsome man with a polished hipster vibe. I liked the guitar quite a bit. Honestly, it’s certainly good, but it’s not great. There’s no show stopping moment. If you’re going to step onto the biggest stage in Europe, you should have such a moment.

For comparison, here is his live performance at the Cyprus national competition.

Yeah, not much different. Also, I’m a little disappointed he sang in English. He’s going to have to bring more game to the semi-final or he’ll get lost in a sea of ballads.

Find out more about John Karayiannis here.