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If you write fiction, especially novels, you’ve probably grappled with character sheets.  For those who don’t know, a character sheet contains a list of appearance and personality questions to help writers get in-depth with their characters. Here’s one example a generous person has made available. You may find it very helpful. Or not.

My experience with these sheets is mixed. When I start a book, I want to get to know my characters as I write them. Filling out a list feels stifling. I don’t know what a character’s favorite color/book/band/movie/etc. is until it comes up in conversation with another character. Even when it comes to appearance, aside from obvious features like black hair and brown eyes, I want to learn as the characters interact and notice each other’s traits and quirks. I find it much easier to fill out a character sheet after I’ve finished a first draft.

Still, having a basic grasp of your main characters’ personalities is important before you begin to write. If your characters are too nebulous, you’ll wander right along with them and wonder why they (and you) can’t find motivation.

Something that I’ve found very useful is to take personality tests as my characters. The questions make me think about how they would react in a given situation. The results help me understand what kind of a person a character is and focuses their motivation.

For example, Paul from my novel, “Fake,” is an INFP personality according to the Myers-Briggs/Jungian tests. He’s an idealist. He doesn’t care what people think about him. He prefers to avoid conflict, but will fight tooth and nail for what’s important to him. Understanding these things about him help me figure out how he’ll act and react as the story progresses.

You can find a bunch of personality tests at Similar Minds. This one is my favorite.

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