NaNoWriMo Fun and Useful Resources

With NaNoWriMo almost upon us, I thought I’d post a few links to some fun and useful resources.

Designer David Seah has made available a printable NaNoWriMo word count calendar for 2013. It can be downloaded in PDF format on his website.

NaNoToons is a daily web comic about NaNoWriMo. You’ll recognize yourself and fellow writers in the characters.

Author Chuck Wendig offers solid NaNoWriMo advice along with the usual hilarious dose of snark on his blog “Terrible Minds.”

Not satisfied with your word processor as a novel writing tool? Literature & Latte is offering NaNoWriMo participants an extended free trial of their writing software Scrivener. As an added incentive, NaNoWriMo winners will receive a 50% discount off the purchase of the software.

Still don’t know what to write? TV Tropes has created a couple of hilarious, yet oddly useful generators with endless story ideas from their huge inventory of tropes and media lists.

The story generator does just that, generates story ideas.

The pitch generator comes up with high concept pitches for your next agent meeting. My favorite was “A Charlie Brown Christmas” meets “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Useful? Well, I gave the above pitch a little thought and came up with this idea for a romance.

Chuck Brown, an injured placekicker with the Minnesota Vikings, returns home for the holidays and his upcoming New Year’s Eve wedding to psychiatrist Lucy van Pelt. However Lucy seems to have gone crazy in her quest for the ultimate wedding gown. She’s even signed up for a reality TV show. Chuck suspects this might be a ruse for Lucy to take one last shot at her old flame, the show’s musical director, Schroeder. After his fussbudget fiance flies to New York for the show, Chuck takes refuge in Christmas preparations. Can his loyal dog and a red-haired beauty stranded in the snow help him see the red flags and have a truly happy New Year?

Fun, though not necessarily a story I’d like to write. Nonetheless, it did get my creative juices flowing. You never know what trope might lead to your own original story.

Good luck to all who are participating in NaNoWriMo this year!

NaNoWriMo: More Free Resources

Resources For Wrimos and Nonparticipants as Well

Whether or not you are participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this November, you will probably find most of the resources listed below to be of some use to you as a writer.

I also wanted to note that although the word “National” is used, this is an international event. Writers in countries all over the globe will be participating. Wherever you live, after you sign up, you’ll be directed to join your region, which will put you in contact with fellow writers in your part of the world. It’s a great way to meet new people.

First, I want to once again shout out the free Young Novelist’s Workbook made available by NaNoWriMo’s Young Writers Program. It’s geared to high school writers, but I think it’s a valuable resource for any writer, particularly if this is your first NaNoWriMo. Did I mention it’s free? Go get it!

Want a nifty word counter like the one appearing in my sidebar? You can find it here.

Companies that sponsor NaNoWriMo offer participants some sweet freebies and special dealios. For example, CreateSpace will give NaNoWriMo winners (i.e., those who write 50,000+ words by midnight, November 30) 5 free printed copies of their novel. You can find the sponsor offers here.

If you’re looking for word processing software that offers more inspiration than Microsoft Word, you many want to check out yWriter5 and Storybook. I’ve tried both and while there’s a bit of a learning curve, both programs offer lots of fun and useful features for writers. yWriter is always free. Storybook has a free lite version and the option to purchase a pro version.

I’ll list more free resources as I find them. If you have any free resources to recommend, please share in the comments section.