Eurovision – Norway

I’m going through the list of Eurovison 2012 contestants and deciding which countries I’ll be rooting for. I just watched Norway’s entry. The artist is Tooji and the song is “Stay.”

Good beat, good vocals, good hook, good-looking guy. Um, it’s good. It’s not great or special, though. Kind of generic really. Doesn’t do it for me like Loreen from Sweden.

1 thought on “Eurovision – Norway

  1. I like the modern feel of the song but otherwise it doesn’t say Norway to me. This has gotten better in my ears with couple of listenings. I’m afraid his nerves might get better of him in front of the huge Eurovision audience even he seems quite self confident and not so Norwegian. His singing starts kind of pitchy in this live video but he gets better towards the end although there are also rough spots in the end. Melody is something very generic.

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