Kindle Freebies

After I got a Kindle Touch for Christmas, a friend turned me onto Pixel of Ink and its affiliates. Everyday, they list free and bargain books available for the Kindle and the Kindle app.

Free books? Woo-hoo! Shopping spree without spending money. I was so in. Too in. I wound up with over 350 books on my Kindle, most of them free. Over the past few months, I’ve learned to use more discretion when sorting through the freebies. Now, I only pick up one or two (or three or four) books a day.

I read the reviews, but I also read the first few pages of the sample provided by Amazon. If I’m looking at some kind of reference book, like a cookbook, I make sure there’s a TOC that provides hyperlinks.

I added Pixel of Ink and its affiliates to my Tasty Hot Links on the sidebar. If you need something to read, click away. Free is good!

Today, I picked up the following books:

Descriptions are from

Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen
Favorites from Amelia’s Kitchen contains thirty-nine recipes, including ones for: bread; pizza dough; breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner dishes; and desserts and baked goods. Many of the recipes are old family favorites, some over 100 years old; others are traditional dishes; a few are new favorites. The recipes are vegetarian, with some that are adaptable to a vegan diet. Great resource for bread machine owners.

Artemis Rising
On the voyage home to the Azores Islands, Eva accepts the pagan name of Arethusa but learns too late that her life will mirror the Greek nymph’s tragic end. Her mother reveals that her destiny lies with Diogo, the shipowner’s volatile son. But Eva has a vision of another… When the ship founders in a storm off the coast, Tristan, a local boy, saves her life and steals her heart. Destined to be with Diogo yet aching for Tristan’s for­bid­den love, Eva must some­how choose between them, or fate will choose for her.

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