Eurovision – Iceland

Since I’ve already posted about Sweden and Norway, I decided to stick to the Nordics before heading south. Here is Iceland’s entry:

I love the drama and emotion of Gothic pop and this song doesn’t disappoint. This has the powerful sound I’m looking for in such music. Great vocals. Their voices blend well together. My only criticism is that this is a video rather than a live performance. I can’t really get a sense of chemistry from the singers, aside from the fact that they’re both attractive. Nice video, though. Feels like it’s part of a bigger story.

This video is from the list of Eurovison 2012 contestants on YouTube.

1 thought on “Eurovision – Iceland

  1. Has some Icelandic feeling. They come up with strong songs every year. Has 30 seconds of silence from 02:12 to 03:32 which they probably remove for the show as song can be only 3 minutes long. Reminds me too much of Nightwish.

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