Eurovision – Sweden and Norway Redux

Another Look and Listen

My Finnish friend, Markku, who got me interested in (obsessed with?) Eurovision, send me a couple of different videos of the Swedish and Norwegian competitors. I have to say, I like these versions better than the versions in the official list.

This is Loreen, the Swedish singer, performing on the TV show, Voice of Finland. I love this version of “Euphoria”. I can’t hear it enough. Her voice is so strong and the toned-down theatrics allow the song to shine.

This is Tooji, the Norwegian singer, performing a studio version of “Stay”. I was surprised at how much better I liked it. It sounds like a great dance tune that I’d love to hear on the radio or in a club. I don’t know if it helped or not that it’s just the song and not a live performance. Sometimes, theatrics can really be distracting.

I’m still waving a Swedish flag at this point, but Norway is definitely strong competition.

1 thought on “Eurovision – Sweden and Norway Redux

  1. I haven’t been listening to radio much in the recent weeks so I still can handle some Loreen (they are really playing her on every channel here and almost too much). I believe she will be in top three if not a winner. Her name is almost Lori so of course she will win 🙂

    Norway I commented already in the earlier entry.

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