Eurovision 2015 – Georgia

Last year, Georgia sent some hippies called The Shin and Mariko to Eurovision and they didn’t do so great. Actually, they pretty much placed last overall. Thing is, I liked them. Their hippie-jazzy fusion music was a nice change of pace and I do like a socially conscious message if it’s done right.

This year, Nina Sublatti won Georgia’s national competition with her song Warrior. Already, I’m liking her because she wrote the lyrics and co-composed the music. Does this song live up to its fierce name?

So. Fierce. I love it! Love her strong voice and tribal style. Love that she’s singing about women being empowered without involving any kind of romance. Warrior is a song about women being mighty and having agency.  We need more songs like this.

One small thing… what the hell does “oximated” mean? As a native English speaker, I’ve never heard the word used. Oximation means “reaction with, or conversion into an oxime.” An oxime is “any of various compounds containing the divalent group C=NOH and obtained chiefly by the action of hydroxylamine on aldehydes and ketones.”

Wait… what?

Maybe she meant to use oxidated, as in oxidized, meaning to “combine or become combined chemically with oxygen.” She probably should have just said something like “invigorated.” Seriously, kids, the English thesaurus is a dangerous thing. Use with extreme caution.

Regardless, I’m loving you this year, Georgia. Best wishes for a place in the finale.

You can find out more about Nina Sublatti here.

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