Eurovision 2015 – Armenia

I am posting this review on April 24, 2015, which is the day the world commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Armenia is sending a commemorative song to the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. To keep it from being political, they were asked to change the original title from Don’t Deny to Face the Shadow.

Changing a title doesn’t change a single thing. Lives are only saved when we don’t deny.

Besides, what’s the point of changing a title to spare the feelings of a certain non-participating country who got all poopy and dropped out when their Man Boat didn’t win?

All that aside, I think Genealogy and Don’t Deny… excuse me, I mean Face the Shadow are fantastic!

This video is so beautiful and touching. The singers all have amazing voices. Plus, I love their style, sort of Nuevo-Victorian. They look really cool. And politics aside, it’s a great song that stands out from the pack with a hella powerful hook.

Genealogy is made up of five singers of Armenian descent from five different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America), meant to represent the Armenian diaspora. They make a winning combination and I have high hopes for them and Face the Shadow.

Genealogy, I love you and hope you make it to the top ten and beyond! Kisses from the USA.

You can find out more about Genealogy here.

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