Kindle Freebies – June 6, 2012

Today I Loaded My Kindle With…

Science fiction, fantasy and horror, though I would say the genres cross in nearly all the books. Included in this batch is a novella by Nancy Kress. Readers of Writer’s Digest magazine will probably be familiar with her excellent articles on the craft of writing fiction. She is also the author of a writing guide I highly recommend, “Beginnings, Middles and Ends.”

No recipe or travel books caught my eye today, but I did pick up a few games. I find there is something very relaxing about playing games on the Kindle. The screen is a good size for a handheld device and the E ink display is easy on the eyes.


Act One by Nancy Kress
One of the best of the year…a compelling novella about a once-famous actress and her devoted manager who get much more publicity of an unfortunate sort when they inadvertently become embroiled with an act of biological terrorism with potentially world-changing results.

The Soulkeepers by G. P. Ching
When fifteen-year-old Jacob Lau is pulled from the crumpled remains of his mother’s car, no one can explain why he was driving or why the police can’t find his mother’s body. A beautiful and mysterious neighbor offers to use her unique abilities to help him find his mom. But in exchange she requires Jacob to train as a Soulkeeper, a protector of human souls. He agrees to her demands, desperate for any clue to the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. But soon Jacob finds himself trapped in a web of half-truths, and questions her motives for helping him.

Monster: Nightrider’s Vengeance by J.D. Nixx
It was an idea born from the madness of the Colony Wars: create living weapons in the shape of man’s ancient nightmares. Vampires. Werewolves. Zombies. They turned the tide of war and broke the back of the rebellion. But no one stopped to ask what they would do with a unit of Special Operations-trained vampires when the war was over. Not until it was too late, and the only solution was to try to wipe them out, using a bioweapon tailored to their unique genetic structure. One survived.

Terrene: the Hidden Valley by Eric Liu
In the isolated rural valley of Terrene, where technology is grown, not manufactured, Flora Karachi paints her anguish with flowers and yearns to travel outside the mountain walls that guard her village. But in a society which values harmony and symmetry above all else, her dangerous curiosity and her indelicate scars, earned from a lifetime of inexplicable blackouts, make her an outcast with few prospects for adventure. Then the dreams come. Lucid and overpowering, they throw Flora into a fascinatingly advanced world where she lives the life of Jane Ingram, an American scientist fighting global climate change while trying to raise a child in a society where interpersonal interaction is becoming obsolete. Flora’s blackouts open a window into knowledge lost long ago and possibilities that are yet to come. To unravel these mysteries, she must travel to the enigmatic Institute, an ancient enclave hidden in the surrounding mountains, where scholars guard the secrets of Terrene.

Perpetual Night by Georgina Morales
Lilibeth is a sweet fifteen-year-old with a great relationship with her Mom but recently she’s been plagued by nightmares. When her dreams start to permeate her everyday activities she wonders about her grip on reality. Every nightmare becomes more frightening and ominous figures follow her during day; will she be finally institutionalized by her worried Mother or is it all real and she’s about to receive a great gift from beyond?


Every Word: Crossings
Every Word: Crossings is a word game in which you try to unscramble letters to fill in as many words as you can on a crossword style grid. You are given five to seven scrambled letters with the goal of finding as many words as you can. When you find a word it gets added to the crossword style grid, which gives you clues about the words that intersect with the word you just found. You score points by filling out the words in each empty spot on the crossword grid. When you find a word that uses all available letters, you can move on to the next level, or keep at it until time runs out or until you fill up the board. The more words you make, the higher your score!

Jigsaw Words Volume 2
Jigsaw Words Volume 2 is a word game that challenges you to combine groups of letters into words that match the clues given. This update to the popular Jigsaw Words gives you 100 new puzzles and each puzzle has 10 clues to solve. The puzzles are organized into 10 themed categories like A Journey Through the Decades and College 101, and you can use the theme to help you solve the clues.

Math Blender
Oh no, your homework fell into the blender… the Math Blender! Test your math skills as you try to find all of the equations that have been scrambled by the blender. In Math Blender you are given five to nine scrambled tiles, each containing a number, an operator or an equal sign. Your goal is to find all of the possible equations for each puzzle. The game board shows a list of the possible answers with the numbers hidden, but with the operators and equal sign revealed. Some of the equations require every tile, but many will not.

Descriptions provided by Amazon

I found these books via Amazon’s Kindle eBooks store. Resources for free Kindle and other format eBooks are listed in my sidebar.

These freebies are limited time offers, so there is no guarantee any of these books will still be free when you click on the links. Grab them sooner rather than later.

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