Tiger & Bunny – Superheroes with Heart

I’ve got to shout-out this show because it’s awesome.

Tiger and Bunny

While at Fanime last month, I discovered a new-to-me superhero show called, “Tiger & Bunny.” Yes, it is a ridiculous name, but it’s fitting. The show tells the story of heroes, known as Next, who fight crime while being televised live. Each hero has corporate sponsors they must answer to. Tiger is an old school hero who rescues victims regardless of consequences. Barnaby is his new partner, a younger hero very attached to his corporate image. Tiger gives him the nickname, Bunny, though it’s not out of fondness, at least, not at first. It’s no spoiler to say this is the beginning of a great bromance.

This isn’t a children’s anime and has more mature themes. It’s great for teens and adults who enjoyed shows like “Cowboy Beebop” and “Trigun.” You can watch the entire subtitled series on Hulu with a paid subscription.

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